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What our patients say

  • Part-time valley residents John and Linda Unland speak to the quality and capacity of care at TVHC.

    John and Linda Unland, Teton Valley Health Care - Emergency Services

  • Kim Potter shares how Teton Valley Health Care's free mammography program helped her.

    Kim Potter, Free Mammography Program

  • Adam Bates

    One afternoon in the summer of 2010, our two-year old son Adam fell into Mahogany Creek near our home. Throughout the panic that followed, our family and friends witnessed what we believe was a miracle. Adam was found after being submerged for about twenty minutes. Teton Valley Ambulance had arrived and the EMTs began resuscitation efforts immediately and continued throughout the drive to Teton Valley Hospital. When we arrived, nurses and doctors were waiting for us. Adam was intubated by a Teton Ambulance paramedic to clear his air way and medical staff began using the ER cardio-resuscitation equipment. We estimated that Adam hadn’t had oxygen for over 30 minutes, and his little body was cold. We were terrified. We asked for a blessing for our son, and were relieved to find that a hospital employee who shares our faith was on-hand to provide the blessing. Then, there was a pulse and after that, a faint sustained heartbeat. Adam was flown to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. After five weeks, we brought him home. He’s alive and well. It’s difficult to believe that if Teton Valley Hospital hadn’t been here, or hadn’t had the appropriate medical skills and equipment, our son wouldn’t be here with us today. In the days after the rush of the emergency, family and friends that had accompanied us to the ER talked about that night. We discovered that Teton Valley Hospital staff had opened the doors to their SeeNSave Thrift Store that night to get blankets and dry clothing for those of us who had jumped into the stream to search for Adam. Employees rounded up snacks and drinks for us and made sure we had a private space within the hospital. Our family is whole, thanks to everyone who supports the services and programs of Teton Valley Hospital.

    The Bates Family, Emergency Response

  • Recently my very healthy and active husband suffered a heart attack. The left anterior descending artery in his heart (a.k.a. "the widowmaker") was 98% blocked...The staff at Teton Valley Hospital demonstrated fast and efficient teamwork in providing the immediate administration of aspirin, nitro, IVs, clot-busting medications, diagnostic tests and continuous monitoring...They made immediate contact and maintained communication with the cardiac specialists in Idaho Falls...The cardiology team at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center commented that they were impressed by Teton Valley Hospital's care and preparation. If we did not have Teton Valley Hospital in Driggs, my husband would not be here today. A life-threatening event could happen to any one of us in our small community and we need this local facility that has the personnel, equipment, contacts and medications to save our lives. - Liza Petersen (Han's wife, not widow), Driggs

    Liza Petersen (Han's wife, not widow), Driggs, Emergency Response

  • Karen Russell

    As part of my treatment plan for rheumatoid arthritis, I feel so fortunate to be able to receive my monthly infusion therapy right here at home. After experiencing infusion therapy at three other regional hospitals, I can vouch for the level of care at Teton Valley Hospital. It’s just so convenient and the staff is not only professional, but I feel cared for on a personal level as well. From the pharmacists who personally call me each month to let me know that my medication has been ordered, to the admission clerks who check me in and the lab technicians who do my blood tests, and finally to the nurses and paramedics who start my IV and monitor my infusion, I know that I’m receiving the best possible care from people who know me. And by choosing to have my infusion therapy here at home, I help contribute to the financial health of our own community hospital.

    Karen Russell, Driggs, Infusion Therapy